more tangled by the second

im kayla, and im extraordinary

my face



i want a cute boy to be kissing my neck right now

this is very confusing thanks to your url

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*sits on santas lap*
“what do you want for Christmas child?”
“For dance moms to be cancelled please and for abby lee miller to never come within 20 ft of a child”

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"Dont say you hate your fam-" No.

"Omg you should love your fami-" No.

"Be grateful they’re your famil-" No.

If you have been bullied, hit, teased, put down, hurt, lied to, or hated by you’re own family; you don’t need to justify how you feel. You dont need to explain yourself. You are allowed to hate a family member or dislike a family member if they’ve given you a reason to.

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"I was in love; he wasn’t."